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The energy crisis and the constant demand for innovation in the electrical-distribution field are and will be the cornerstones of Mr. Generator Srl  founded by former commercial technicians of kW in 2004 made it a reason for living. The aim of company and be able to satisfy their customers 110% and, therefore, have expanded their commercial experience on other sectors such as agriculture, industrialization of equipment and the production of energy from the construction of real electric plants. Since then the company has constantly developed its business increasing the research of companies with a high capacity to diversify and production quality, expanding the range of products and make them unique and competitive.

The headquarters is in Oria, a town in Puglia - Italy,  with an important Svevian monument.

The Mr. Generator Srl, thanks to internal staffing highly trained on the implementation of the Generators, develops and care inside the entire production cycle, sales and after-sales and finally the rental . In this last point the company is expanding its machine park of 4,000 kW generator set with different sizes.

Products that currently the company distributes are:

  • Generating sets with inverter technology;
  • Generating Sets on base-open from 2 to 2500 KVA;
  • Generating sets covered;
  • Generating  sets in Shelter soundproofed;
  • Generating  sets truck-mounted ;
  • Generating  sets to start Automatic; 
  • Generating  sets  in parallel;

In addition, the corporate staff are always attentive to innovation in products, thanks to a careful TECHNICAL OFFICE that develops new technical solutions with simplicity of use and quality.

The Mr. Generator Srl operates in a market whose products meet a very important need is to guarantee, even in very difficult environmental conditions, the production of electricity where this is missing or insufficient.

It is needless to underline the immense scope designed to satisfy not only the needs of agriculture or industry but also those of civil use and related to national security, telecommunications, health or the development of poor countries or to rebuild.

To increase and improve market presence, the company is currently in development and is committed to a major project, namely:

"Quality has always been an important aspect of Mr. Generator S product. Inside the company to specific procedures that ensure compliance with the principle of quality and functionality."


The Mr. Generator Srl is on the market offering a wide range of products that stand out for their layout, maximum convenience on their use, extreme safety and reliability.


The highest point of our company's strength is the organization qualified Technical Sales, able to respond in real time to any need that the customer asks.


All our products are subjected to strict and detailed test that involves both mechanical components, electromechanical and electronics, thanks to adequate equipment to rigorous testing.

In addition, our products receive a regular certificate of CE conformity and equipment with all the safety systems that the law provides.


All our products come with a regular certificate of guarantee and guaranteed 24 months from delivery date.


Our partners in the transport sector, are the most efficient on the market, giving us full coverage of the whole Italian territory, European and World for both "Express" service.

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Operational Office:
Via Visciglio, s.n.c.
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Via Federico II° di Svevia, 2
72024 Oria (Br) - Italy
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European leader for decades in the sale and rental of generating sets - power generators, do Mr. Generator  Srl your supplier. We offer services of: sale and rental of generating sets and pre and post sales support throughout the italian national territory, 24/7, scheduled maintenance and extraordinary.

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