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Silenced diesel generator set to elelttronic control inverter 7kVA single-phase mod. GID7.0M complete with ATS - GATS series by ABB

Soundproof Diesel Generator set with electronic control - Inverter- mod. GID7.0M+GATS 12-100 .
New Model 7000VA diesel engine with direct injection, SILENCED, monophase inverter 230V.c.a., 50Hz-, complete: PANEL AUTOMATIC (ATS) by ABB.
€ 8000,00 IVA Inclusa
€ 4000,00 IVA Inclusa


Excellent resolution to the continuous blackout problems, as all generators of GMD - GTD and GID silent version and soundproofed 5kVA and up are available in automatic start version. Electrical panels with automatic intervention of the GATS 12-100 standard with ABB technology, allow the automatic start of the generator and then the electrical wire to the user, in a few moments from the power outage network main power; the provision of energy by the generator set is stopped immediately to the return of the mains voltage. All operating the control circuits, control and regulation are included in a single logic, equipped with a microprocessor programmed to the operation and control of the generator.


The strengths are:

Stable output

The application of inverter technology ensures a true stability, the current of the sinusoidal output has the total harmonic distortion less than 1% and the voltage and frequency have a 0.5% fluctuation (the traditional generator has 4%) . All sensitive equipment and controlled by a microprocessor (such as computers, medical devices, scientific research instruments, ups, video and audio systems, etc ...) and devices with high inrush conditions such as air conditioners and compressors, they can work at its best and with ease.

Compact high-powered structure

The compact design results in a small, lightweight and silent in operation structure. Compared to conventional diesel generators the inverter measures and have lower weights of 10/15%.

Economic energy

The motor speed varies with the load. The comparison between the inverter and conventional generators shows that the former have lower fuel consumption by 40% compared to the second, giving a great economic benefit to the user / consumer.

Optimized multi-polar alternator

The permanent magnet alternator (and / or multipole) than a conventional alternator does not have: the excitation windings, the carbon brushes and mounting rings. The structure is much simpler with the stator mounted directly to the engine flywheel. The dimensions are very small, but it achieves an efficiency equal to 93% compared to a traditional 91%. The reliability is higher and is free of radio interference, able to work in very humid and dusty environment, excluding the possibility of explosions.

Complete protection

Low oil pressure, water temperature (GID10.M-15.0M-20.M), high voltage, low voltage, overload, short circuit, motor control battery charge, are always monitored by the control panel and control all ensuring a safe and reliable operation. In addition, the generator shelter is fireproof, smoke and diesel spill.


The largest pot of better heat dissipation. The location of the module assembly Inverter is separated in the compartment of hot air exchange ensuring excellent cooling. Separately, the air filter and entrance areas allow more circulation for cooling. The use of handles, wheels with multi direction brakes and larger wheels make it easy and safe transport. (Only on GID7.0M model).


  • Rated frequency in A.C. Hz: 50
  • Voltagio Nominal A.C. : 230
  • Nominal Current in A.C. (Amp.): 30.00
  • Nominal revolutions (rpm / min): 3300
  • Max power (kVA): 7.00
  • continuous power (kVA): 6.50
  • DC voltage: 12 V - 8.3 A
  • Circuit breaker:  Series
  • Nº Phases: 1 + N - Single Phase
  • Engine Type: Diesel direct injection
  • Type: Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, vertical, cooled by forced air
  • Displacement (cc): 440
  • Nominal Power Kw / rpm: 7.0
  • Nominal engine revolutions (rpm): 3300
  • Injection system: Electronically controlled Direct
  • Starting system: Electric with battery 
  • Consumption (g / kW-h): 280
  • Lubricating oil: SAE15W40 
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Diesel tank capacity (L): 16
  • Autonomy at 100% load: 8h
  • Residual noise level (dB (A) / 7 m): 74
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 920 x 540 x 750
  • Weight: 220kg 170kg- with packaging


Electric control board and control with DIGITAL ELECTRONICS MICROPROCESSOR board for the 'intervention Automatic, CEI and IP45 protection, includes: control and measurement of the power and protection management; Network / generator switching with ABB contactors interlocked electrically and mechanically; Manual and automatic starter in the absence of the public network; Sensor and saves automatic network; Automatic battery charger; All this in a special Cabinet PREPARED with IP45 external protection.


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