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Generator set 6kW "FULL...
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Generator set 6kW "FULL POWER" electric starter...

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Hyundai 7kVA gasoline generator set OHV EURO 5 electric starter mod. LS6875EFL cod. 65006 with FULL POWER technology thanks to which the loss of most of the single-phase power, typical of standard three-phase current generators, is not determined.
Generator set 9.5kVA,...
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Generator set 9.5kVA, threephase, portable...

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Portable Generator set 9,5kVA equal to 7.6kW, 400/230V.a.c., OHV gasoline with 2 years warranty, electric start, EURO 5 emission. PROFESSIONAL POWER
Gasoline Generator set...
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Gasoline Generator set 10kVA, OHV EQUAL FULL...

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Portable 10kVA power generator equal to 8kW in continuous EQUAL POWER and/or FULL POWER technology, same power in both single and three phase, gasoline OHV, 2 year warranty, electric start and battery included. PROFESSIONAL POWER.