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The SX440 voltage regulator is an electronic device that excites, regulates and stabilizes the output voltage of a brushless generator.


  • Robust and compact design;
  • Insufficient frequency protection (Hz);
  • Single-phase detection automatic voltage regulator;
  • Adjustable voltage range and high voltage stability;
  • Adjustable frequencies: 50Hz and 60Hz;
  • Made of high quality material, practical, easy to use, professional, high precision and long service life;
  • In addition to generator voltage regulation, the AVR circuit includes overvoltage protection and low speed protection function;
  • It has the possibility of allowing parallel running with other generators;
  • Runs freely in high-temperature environments, responds extremely quickly, creates fast, stable and reliable high-quality voltage;
  • The detection and the absorbed power between 190 to 264V.c.a. single-phase two-wire; 4A continuous, 6A discontinuous within 10 seconds;
  • Application: On brushless generator alternators.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: plastic, electronic components
  • Main color: black
  • Detection input voltage: 190-264V single phase
  • Output voltage: max. 90V DC (when the supply voltage is 207V)
  • Adjustment: <± 1% RMS (with 4% deviation controlled by the motor)
  • Current: continuous 4A, intermittent 6A within 10 seconds
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Package size: 170 * 140 * 55mm / 6.69 * 5.51 * 2.15in
  • Package Weight: 500g / 1.1lb

Included in the delivery:

1 * SX440 AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator

1 * Manual

1 * Packing box

N.B. : It is specified that this product is a high quality universal replacement, it does not mean that it can be ADDED on Generators that are not equipped with AVR.

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