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Voltage Regulator for Three-Phase Synchronous Generators " M31FA600A - MEC 20"

Item description:

The M31FA600A MEC-20 voltage regulator is suitable for MARELLI MOTORI synchronous generators from the MJB series for sizes from 315 to 800kVA.

The M31FA600A voltage regulator is a microprocessor device with a pulse width modulation (PWM) output stage and can be adjusted via its potentiometers. The electronic card is resin-coated to maintain a high degree of operational reliability even in difficult environmental conditions (high humidity, dust, saline environment) and in the presence of strong vibrations.

Electrical characteristics

• Supply voltage: 170 ÷ 277V.a.c. @ 50÷400Hz

• Power source: Auxiliary windings, mains, PMG

• Voltage accumulation: 8V.a.c.

• Type of voltage detection: single-phase / three-phase

• Voltage detection range: 220 ÷ 480V.a.c.

• Type of current sensing: single phase

• Current detection range: 1A

• Maximum continuous field current: 0÷7A in d.c.

• Maximum current of the forcing field: 0÷15A in d.c.

• Maximum field voltage: 200V.d.c.

• Field resistance: 3 Ohm÷ 20 Ohm

• Adjustment accuracy from empty to full load: ±0.5%

• Accuracy with motor regulation ±4% : ±1%

• Thermal drift: ±0.5%

• Response time: 1 cycle

• Operating temperature: -30°C ÷ +70°C

• Storage temperature: -40°C ÷ +80°C


• Interface: potentiometers, dip-switches

• Live remote control: Prepared

• Radio interference suppressor: internal

• Over-boost: Predisposition for Varicomp

• Operation in parallel with the network: Prepared

• Parallel operation with similar generators: standard


• Drop compensation

• Soft start

• Protections

• Underfrequency limiter

• Overexcitation limiter

• Replaceable internal fuse


• External potentiometer: 100 kOhm-1 W

• External DC voltage signal (±5 V)

Dimensions and weight: 180*170*41mm - weight: 760gr.

Package Included:

Voltage regulator 1.00 Pcs. and user and installation manual.

N.B. : We specify that this product is a high quality universal spare part, it does not mean that it can be ADDITIONAL on Generators that do not have AVR.

MEC 20
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