The environment and the territory in which we live are the main asset to be respected and protected OVER TIME.

With our new STAGE V “GREEN ENERGY” series it combines efficiency, power and reliability with the innovative exhaust gas post-treatment system, guaranteeing a notable reduction in emissions and particulate pollutants in compliance with EU Regulation 2016/1628 for non-road mobile machines. The new range is the result of constant innovative and technological progress, it respects emission limits without impacting on design and performance, offering specific solutions for different applications.

Silenced complete with electric start control and control panel with digital microprocessor electronic board, excellent for any type of use.


All generators in this series are equipped with the new upgraded and modified STAGE V 4-stroke engines and direct diesel injection.

Complete control panel

The new “JSi-5” series silenced generator sets are equipped with the new digital control panel. the new panel allows easier use of the machine and at the same time allows you to check all the operating data. a further implementation of the panel is represented by the possibility of verifying in real time the causes of any malfunctions thanks to the signaling of the fault on the digital panel monitor.


They are designed according to new aesthetic and technical logics that improve both their aesthetic and functional appearance.

The generator is made up of a direct injection diesel engine with water cooling at 1500 rpm.

The alternator part is built with the most modern techniques that satisfy the continuous needs of the customer, in fact, the electric machine is equipped with an electronic regulator which automatically regulates the voltage and frequency of the generator without causing electrical surges (kw) in the required absorption peaks.

The SHELTER is built in compliance with strict European laws and the materials used in the construction are all of excellent quality and comply with current regulations on the subject, including the European Directive: 2005/88/EC, concerning environmental noise emissions. The structure is painted with hot epoxy powders and the sound-absorbing materials are explosion-proof, all in compliance with misa, cei, cei and vvff regulations.

The command and control panel fixed on the generator. It is complete with a DSE digital microprocessor electronic board that manages the electrical, mechanical parametrics and protections of the machine. digital panel measurement of:

Digital instruments (three mains voltmeters, three generator voltmeters, phase/phase chained voltages, star voltages, three mains/generator ammeters, frequency meter, total and per-phase wattmeter, total and per-phase varmeter, total and per-phase voltammeter, kilowatt hour, cosphimeter per phase, partial hour meter, total hour meter, start counter, failed start counter, rev counter, battery voltage, battery charge current, fuel level indicator, water or oil thermometer, oil pressure gauge).

• Automatic monitoring of anomalies with messages on the display.

• Indications of 4 programmable periodic maintenances with display of the remaining hours before the maintenance itself expires.

• Remote commands (start, stop and test).

• EJP function.

• Glow plug preheating management.

• Clock to program the starting or stopping of the generator set.

• Generator start-stop on power request.

• Possibility of starting the generator when the battery is in reserve.

• Programmable weekly self-test.

• Inputs available for fully programmable anomalies (times, polarity, possibility of stopping and message relating to the anomaly).

• Three-phase voltmetric control, lack of voltage, undervoltage, overvoltage, asymmetric voltage and incorrect phase sequence of the network and generator.

• Anomaly history (data from the last 50 anomalies that occurred are collected).

The generator sets of our "J>Si-5" series with Stage V engines are made with a robust and solid structure that allows them to work even in adverse climatic conditions and comply with the regulations and the most stringent European standards.

Equipped with dedicated socket kits, they allow ease of use in all conditions.

This is a range of generator sets with a high level of silence and equipped with GREEN engines, compliant with the most severe and recent EU regulations. These products can be adapted for long-term rentals or cart applications.

Technical characteristics :

  • Nominal Frequency In A.C. : 50hz
  • Nominal Voltage In A.C. : 400/230V.
  • AVR: standard mod. SX460
  • Rated Current In A.C. (Amp.): 26.00
  • Nominal revolutions (Rpm/Min): 1500
  • Stand-By Power (kVA): 20.00
  • Continuous Power (kVA): 18.00
  • Magnetothermic switch: Standard
  • Sockets: nr. 1 five-pole 32A three-phase - nr.1 single-phase 32A - nr. 1 single phase 16A
  • Nº Phases: 3+N - Three-phase
  • Diesel Engine: Direct Injection
  • Type: 4 Cylinder In L, 4 Stroke, Liquid Cooled
  • Displacement (C.C.): 2,156.00 c.c.
  •   Nominal power Kw /Rpm: 17.0/1500
  • Nominal Engine Revolutions (Rpm): 1500
  • Injection System: Direct Mechanically Controlled
  • Starting system: Electric
  • Minimum Consumption (G/Kw-H): 225
  • Lubricating Oil - Cup quantity: Sae15w40 - 6.5lt.
  • Diesel tank capacity (L): 45
  • Autonomy at 100% load: 8h
  • Residual noise (Db(A)/7 M): 70
  • Dimensions (Lxwxh) (Mm): 1950 X 900 X1150
  • Net weight 650kg - 700kg with packaging.



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