Silenced complete with electric start command and control panel with microprocessor digital electronic board, excellent for any type of use.

This new series of generators are characterized by a series of technological innovations that make them unique on the market in terms of aesthetic finishes and valuable technical contents. 

The main technical qualities of these machines can be summarized as follows:


All the generators of this series are equipped with the new 4-stroke engines and direct injection of diesel fuel enhanced and modified.

Self-depression unit

All new generators adopt a special self-depression mechanism that greatly facilitates start-up.

Extreme silence

The high precision of the combustion system of the new engines allows for a significant reduction in the running noise of the generators. with the addition of a new structure characterized by a double sound-absorbing system, it was possible to further reduce the sound level of these machines.

Low oil alarm system

This device comes into operation whenever the oil level falls below the minimum level, immediately switching off the engine.

Complete control panel

The new “J>” series silenced generators are equipped with the new digital control panel. the new panel allows easier use of the machine and at the same time allows you to check all operating data. further implementation of the switchboard is represented by the possibility of verifying in real time the causes of any malfunctions thanks to the fault signaling on the digital panel monitor.


They are designed according to new aesthetic and technical logics that improve both the aesthetic and functional aspect. 

The generator is made up of a diesel endothermic engine with direct injection and water cooling at 1500 rpm. 

The alternator part is built with the most modern techniques that meet the continuous needs of the customer, in fact, the electric machine is equipped with an electronic regulator which automatically adjusts the voltage and frequency of the generator without causing electrical shocks (kw) in the required absorption peaks. 

The soundproofing is built in compliance with the strict European laws, the materials used in the construction are all of excellent quality and comply with the regulations in force, including the European directive: 2005/88 / EC, concerning environmental noise emissions. The structure is painted with hot epoxy powders and the sound-absorbing materials are explosion-proof, all in compliance with misa, ce, cei and vvff regulations. 

The command and control panel fixed on the genset it is complete with a microprocessor-based digital electronic board that manages the electrical and mechanical parameters and machine protections. measurement on digital panel of: 

- voltage (v.c.a.);

- frequency (hz);

- delivered power (va, amp. and kw);

- hours of operation (h);

- machine block alarms.

 Technical features :

  • Nominal Frequency In A.C. : 50hz
  • Nominal voltage in A.C. : 400 / 230v.
  • Nominal Current In A.C. (Amp.): 160.00
  • Nominal Revolutions (Rpm / Min): 1500
  • Stand-By Power (kVA): 110.00
  • Continuous Power (kVA): 100.00
  • Magnetothermic switch: Standard
  • Nº Phases: 3 + N - Three-phase
  • Diesel Engine: Direct Injection 
  • Type: 6 Cylinders in L, Turbo intercooler, 4 Strokes, liquid Cooled
  • Displacement (C.C.): 6.490,00 c.c.
  • Nominal Power kW/rpm: 90/ 1500
  • Nominal engine revolutions (rpm): 1500
  • Injection System: Direct ELECTRONIC CONTROL
  • Starting System: Electric
  • Minimum consumption (g/kWh): 205
  • Lubricating Oil - Cup Quantity: Sae15w40 - 16lt.
  • Diesel tank capacity (L): 280
  • Autonomy at 100% of the load: 16h
  • Residual noise (dB(A) a mt.7): 70
  • Dimensions (Lxwxh) (Mm): 3300 X 1130 X1750
  • Net Weight 1500kg - 1550kg With Packaging.





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