Wide range of models
To finally meet the needs of our customers mr.Generator srl has developed a wide range of models with different powers that allow you to use this new energy in different fields of application. At the moment the mr.Generator has the most complete range present in the world market.

Mr.Generator srl deals with the design, production and sale of very high quality generator sets, with excellent mechanical and acoustic performance. Taking care of the entire production process internally, from the design to the testing of the generators. Mr.Generator responds promptly to the particular needs of each customer with a streamlined and efficient business organization.

The power of the digital inverter series
Ultralight and exceptional power deriving from the "Legendary" 4-stroke engines that meet every energy need for you. Revolutionary design: different from the consumer lines, the gib style renews the aesthetics of generators by designing new lines that offer energy in a "Palm of hand". Advanced technology that allows you to produce clean and stable energy. For new generation electrical equipment equipped with sensitive electronic systems.

Minimum polluting emissions
The gib generators exceed the most severate international rules on atmospheric and sound pollution. They are authentic friends of nature: ideal to be used in places that are densely populated in the urban areas, in camping, in the nautical, in the photographic and cinematographic sets and as alternative energy in the houses in electric black-out.

Portable energy in the palm of hand
The generators of the gib series are characterized for the exceptional reduced sizes, the size of this series are about 50% smaller than analogue traditional models.
The reduced dimensions and the very content weight of these machines allow their portability and the use in particularly rude environments.

Quality energy
The key to the success of digital inverter generators is in a microprocessor that filters the initial power generated by the multipolar alternator with the result of an extremely clean and stable energy.

Use for long time
IDigital inverter generators have a lower fuel consumption of about 20-40% less compared to traditional generators in normal use. In fact, the "Economizer" device, of which this series is equipped, allows to maintain the acceleration of the motor in proportion to the energy absorption. Result: lower consumption and greater independent use.

The sound emissions of digital inverter generators are lower than the traditional generators of about 3-9 db. These exceptional silence performances are guaranteed by the new and unique patent soundproofing system, constituted by a double acoustic insulation before the engine and then in the generator shelter.


  • Power in stand-by: 3.5kW;
  • Continuous power: 3.2kW;
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke Gasoline OHV;
  • Displacement: 149.70 c.c .;
  • Engine RPM: 4,500 rpm;
  • Power (HP / rpm): 4.5 / 4.500;
  • Cooling: Forced Air;
  • Voltage: 230 VAC - single-phase;
  • Frequency: 50 Hz;
  • Charger: 12V.c.c. / 5Amp. (with standard pins);
  • Degree of insulation: IP23;
  • C.A. thermal breaker : standard;
  • C.C. thermal breaker : standard;
  • Start: Tear-off;
  • Tank: 5.7 liters;
  • Autonomy: from 4 to 8 * hours (* with Econometro inserted);
  • Noise level: 58db (A) at 7 mt;
  • Dimensions: 565 × 320 × 470mm;
  • Peso: 29,5 Kg.

Included in the package: No. 1 portable inverter generator, No. 1 spark plug key, No. 1 Battery charge plugs, No. 1 screwdriver, No. 1 Engine oil refill, No. 2 Schuko plugs, No. 1 Manual use and maintenance.

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